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    Yep STEMM with double M (second M stands for medicine).

    I have just been awarded the Gold Award :) and asked to speak at the Prize Giving ceremony!

    The Youth STEMM Award is an achievement-based award for students in Years 9 to 13, designed to support and inspire the next generation of STEMM professionals. Participants log STEMM-related activities across four core strands on a personalised e-portfolio. Students can work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold level Award, inspire the next generation, engage the public, develop skills and shape their future career in the STEMM sector. The e-portfolio allows schools to capture engagement across their cohort and identify areas that need further development.

    It was a fun way to get involved in STEM activities outside the classroom, into the community. I had to record 100 hours of contact Inspiring the Next Generation; Shaping your Future; Developing your Skills and Knowledge; Engaging the Public. Activities ranged from presenting to a public audience, to produce a scientific poster; to attend conferences.

    I participated as an independent student, and loved it! go visit the website

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